Saturday, December 27, 2008

go see yes man

i made a post from my phone on the metro but for some reason it didnt not sure why, something about the amount of characters. im home now though, so here we are. i felt sick/naseous on the way back home from yuts, i feel a little better now, enough to take my brother and sister to the movies, but im still not feeling A+ or anything. when i got home i made myself food and watched family guy, then took a bath which turned into a shower.

i like making plans; the science museum, lion country safari, the seaquarium, an opera. it makes it feel real, it makes me feel good. it feels so fucking good having someone other than my mom care about me (although im greatful for that as well). i mean really care, push me to do things that matter but that i dont care enough about to actually fix them, do them. work, school, money, friends. thank you for caring. thank you for loving me, even with your black heart.

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