Monday, January 12, 2009



Tuesday, January 6, 2009


you know what, i think this is it:)
i started out on this diet (which i started yesterday, btw hahahah long time i know) thinking i would have one or two sodas a day (vs. the 50 million that i usually have) but today i had no soda and im fine. im fine! AND i had school at 7 this morning

there are three reasons i drink soda:
-withdrawal if i dont

well i was not sreepy, and had no symptoms of withdrawal (which i did have before but which i will fight off now that i have day one down).

also i had a nommy pastelito this am (prob like 493085 cals but idc) and a salad for lunch. oh..and an oatmeal cookie from quiznos rofl so much for good eating. but seriously this diet isnt about all veggies, fasting, or whatever anyone elses diets consist of. mine is: no soda, no junk=candy, chips, popcorn etc. and ice cream. ill basically just eat whatever i want i mean, if i want a quiznos sub, ill fucking have it! blahblahblhdjg wordswordswords swordssssssssss.

also i wish i could go inside everyones brains and scoop out the negative thoughts/connotations they have associated with or about MDC. get your head out of your ass. its not just a community college anymore, ohhh no, its a ~*~*junior college~*~ and with my AA degree that i will receive from there, i can go to any college that i want (minus harvard, but ONLY because they dont accept transfers).


Sunday, January 4, 2009

just ordered these 3 books with my gc from B&N

shutup lol

and the one i wanted for xmas,

i also have about 6 more on my wishlist, yay books!